Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! School and crew are keeping me very busy. I hope you guys had a good last week full of books. 

So I just finished this book, Blurred Lines, today. I made a really breakfast consisting of chocolate.  Of course. I enjoyed my waffles with this book. Here’s a little summary of mine below (spoiler-free!). 

Ben and Parker have been best friends since they met freshman year of college six years ago. They never had the problem of falling for each other. Yet. When Parker’s boyfriend breaks up with her, she decides to try casual sex; what Ben does a lot of. It doesn’t work for her until she hooks up with Ben, and they don’t have the awkwardness after. But until Parker’s ex wants to get back together and when Ben starts dating someone, they both start questioning their jealously and if they were meant to be best friends or more. 

I was pretty excited to see this book, it had good ratings and I have always loved reading this kind of “best friends in love” concept. There might be a few spoilers, but nothing too big. Starting off with Ben, he kind of confused me. In the beginning, he showed absolutely no signs of being attracted to Parker. That bothered me a lot. He should have felt something, right? Even if it was little. But I think he definitely came around and turned out to be an okay character. Not my favorite perspective to read in. Next is Parker. I never really clicked with her.  She was fun to read about at some points, but never really made sense to me. She instantly forgives her ex boyfriend, Lance, which bothered me a lot. And then she chooses to be with Ben after a month and I felt like hitting her with her own book, for goodness sake. I do think it was a fun read, nothing heartbreaking, but I wouldn’t reread it. 

The story overall was a little slow and didn’t have much depth to it. It was a little disappointing but I enjoyed their relationship. I give it a 3 of 5 stars. If it’s on your TBR pile, I would set it aside for a while if you have some better books to read!

Have a fantastic week, I’ll try to post an update soon, not just a review. Maybe some of my writing… Until next time! 


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